N3KZ / W3ABT at your QTH

The Club has instituted a “Club callsign at your QTH ” program. Your station can qualify if you are a member of our club, with a valid FCC Amateur Radio license, and the written approval of the Club’s Trustee.

You will need to agree to the following conditions:

  1. You will place a written request, via e-mail, to the Club’s Trustee, N3JT, asking for permission to use the Club’s Callsign. Contact Jim Talens N3JT
  2. You will cease to use the Club callsign whenever asked to do so by the station trustee, N3JT.
  3. You will at all times obey all FCC rules and regulations including operating the station, on or off campus, consistent with the provisions and limitations of your operator’s license…”
  4. All QSLing will be the responsibility of the Club’s QSL Manager, Russ Miller WA3FRP. You are required to send a file containing all QSO information to the QSL Manager on a regular, at least monthly, basis.
  5. The University of Pennsylvania has three FCC issued callsigns. All on-campus University of Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Club activity should be conducted using the Club’s oldest FCC assigned callsign – W3KZ. All University of Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Club Repeater System activity should be conducted using Club callsign – N3KZ/R. All University of Pennsylvania Alumni Amateur Radio activity off-campus, generally from Alumni home stations, must be coordinated via the Club’s Trustee, N3JT, using callsigns W3ABT or N3KZ.